Welcome to Suck My Blog

SuckMyBlog.com is a BLOG spot and hosting service comprised primarily of subdomains. The primary function of suckmyblog.com is to provide specific private individuals and entities the ability to create and run a BLOG but may also include services such a personal/business sites or forums. Some people may just want a friendly name to point to their website or maybe some DNS pointers for services they host themselves. No matter what the situation or need, I created SuckMyBlog to provide for the user rather than myself.

Current list of publicly available BLOGs and sites:
The Free Republic
Hare The Dog
TechSoft Systems
Prevent Common Core

Suckmyblog.com is a privately owned BLOG and Hosting service, offering public facing content to friends, family, employees and/or co-workers. This is not an open site to apply for a blog.

Thank you.